Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is a line of skin care products in which all of the ingredients in every product scores a zero on the Cosmetics Database toxicity scale (although the lip scrub is listed on the database as a “1”).

Ava, who is only 15, launched her line of skin care products because she wanted all women to be able to use products that contain genuinely safe ingredients.

When I received the makeup remover in the mail it also came with 2 pages of Ava’s products with a description of each product. The description of the makeup remover pads is as follows:

“Ava Anderson Non Toxic Makeup Remover Pads will gently wipe away your eye makeup with ease. Lightly wipe the eye area and watch makeup disappear. Natural, non-toxic ingredients work to break down cosmetics to make what can be a difficult job, easy! No alcohol to dry your delicate eye area skin.”

However, the website also states that you will need about 1-2 pads to remove your makeup….I wish the product list I got said this.

The packaging is really simple, but it is easy to read the ingredients which is always a plus. I was quite disappointed once I opened the container…the makeup remover pads are tiny, especially for such a large container! The size of the pads remind me of the ELF makeup remover pads that you can get for about $1 at Target.

The pads do smell lovely and taking off my makeup was really easy. If you just wear mascara you’ll probably get away with using just one pad for each eye. However, if you’re like me and you love to play up your eyes with color you’ll need at least two pads. I even tried to use the front and back of the pads, but it’s almost as if the makeup bleeds through to the other side so it doesn’t work as well.

Another great thing about the pads is that they don’t sting my eyes, dry them out, or leave any oily residue. So that’s a huge plus!

There’s 50 pads in each container…if you’re lucky and can use one to remove all of your makeup then these pads will last you almost two months! However, if you need 2 or more pads per use, you will be ordering them more frequently.

Here’s a quick break down of my pros and cons:

Smells yummy
Removes makeup easily
Doesn’t irritate my eyes
Doesn’t leave my eyes or skin around my eyes feeling greasy or dry
All the ingredients are really good for your skin

The pads are very tiny!
Can only buy online
The cost is $14.95 so not exactly budget friendly especially when you have to pay S&H

Overall, I give this product a B+. If you don’t mind purchasing your makeup remover online and don’t mind the price tag then I definitely suggest trying this product for yourself!

*FTC Disclaimer* This product was given to me, free, for review. I am not affiliated with this company nor am I receiving any compensation for my review. Everything posted here is my honest opinion.

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