Well, seeing Kim Kardashian naked is nothing new. But speaking as someone who’s met her in real life, I can say that she’s actually attractive even if you take away the television cameras and airbrushes.

(And I’m not even going to comment on that whole Ray J thing — except to say that I think the Kardashian girls need to pick new men. Regular men. Perhaps a journalist?)

But the news right now is that Kim has posed nude for Harper’s Bazaar, and the photo is (above) unretouched. You see her in all her curvy nature.

The series also features Joy Bryant and British beauty Amanda de Cadenet.

In the shot, the television celeb almost looks like a vulnerable and normal girl. What do you think? Share your comments below.

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  1. Boudoir by Elizabeth

    I think this is “fabulous”! I am a big advocate for women being confident of who they are just as they are. I am tired of seeing photo’s of celebrities, reality stars, musicians and now your girl next door with so much airbrushing that they all look like “Kenny Rogers”, a plastic Barbie doll, or the Lion Women! It’s actually disgusting looking to me? I’ve thought for over 30 years now that is was very harmful for girls growing up not knowing it’s fake. And here we are with the proof! I admire Kim, the Dove women, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Simpson and anyone else who dares to be “real”! Women…it’s only in Hollywood!!
    From,Photographer of beautiful women all over the country just as they are! NO more airbrushing!!

  2. Jo An

    Kim is over exposed I can’t blame Reggie for not wanting to marry her, she is not the wife or motherly type that any man would want to marry. I think it is in her best interest to continue to expose her self until she is old and grey get paid all the money she can get from doing what she do best because it seems that is what she really want is money and being lonely.

    • m4nm4n

      I agree with Jo An. 100%. She’s looking for the limelight and attention. If she doesn’t have it, it isn’t a good day for her.

  3. thoughts

    I do not understand why “some” women think they have to take all their clothes off to be popular. It only shows how little respect they have for themselves, not to mention low self esteem.

  4. Michele

    OMG! You are just hating on a beautiful smart woman. Please she is very much marriage material and than some. She needs to find herself a real man who can handle all the looks, comments and whatever else comes with a lotto a woman!..She’s just way 2 much woman for him. I’m sure he will find a nice plain jane who wants to stay home and cater only too him! In the mean time..if you don’t look that good naked..quit the hate..get a treadmill 🙂

    • Bonju Patten

      Kim is neither smart or beautiful. She’s a whore for nigger men. her father although was friends with OJ Simpson would never have wanted his daughters to be with black men like this. They are all dregs of society.

  5. Csp

    Don’t regret going nude Kim you are a beautiful wo,man with a beautiful body Thank you for sharing it with us it with us


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