MIAMI — Spring is already here and with that, new beginnings. What better time than now to launch Blast Magazine’s latest endeavor: Blast Miami.

Despite the fact that Miami is located at the southern part of this the pistol shaped state, there is more to this city then its’ well-known affiliation with crime, drugs, and political screw-ups.

As history shows, Miami is no stranger to being at the epicenter for news and political issues, but it also holds many more opportunities.

This city of around three million inhabitants, is quickly gaining respectable recognition as a major player in the art world and amongst other things- a breeding ground for emerging new talent. It has become a place for pioneers in the music, art, news, film, dining world, etc.

And with that, Blast Miami fully intends to show that other side of the city, by bringing attention all of these events.

Blast Miami will portray the city from a more local point of view, rather then the picture post card of South Beach’s famed ‘Ocean Drive.’ Our goals are to cover the latest events pertaining to Miami without ever losing its authenticity.

We’ll put a spot light on Miami’s Petri dish of creativity, along with up to date and current information on upcoming events. Additionally, Blast Miami will focus on Miami’s diversity buffet of culture, a unique place consisting of people from all over the world.

With that said: Welcome to Miami, Blast.

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Gabriella von Rosen is a Blast staff writer

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