In an interview with games site 1UP, Bungie today revealed a plethora of details surrounding the Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta that kicks off May 3.

Bungie spoke at length about the Beta’s four game-modes, which were teased in the tantalizing teaser trailer. To refresh; the game modes are Invasion, HeadHunter, Stockpile and Generator Defense and each looks and sounds quite compelling.

Multiplayer lead designer Lars Bakken said the normal game modes will obviously return with “Reach,” but gamers have lots more to look forward to.

“We just said, ‘okay, Slayer, CTF, King of the Hill, those are great, let’s lock those up and put them aside. Now what else?’

HeadHunter- This mode is not, as it may sound, a headshot hunting mode. In fact, it’s quite different. When you kill enemies, they drop skulls. You pick up these skulls and carry them to a deposit zone to accumulate score. However, if you’re slain on the way to your zone, all the skulls you’ve accumulated drop to the floor and become ripe for the taking. This game mode can be played in both team and free-for-all fashions making for some seemingly frantic matches.

Stockpile– Bungie describes this one as a Territories meets Capture The Flag. In it flags will appear randomly across the map and players will be tasked with returning them to their respective bases. Pretty straightforward.

Generator Defense– This game mode, only playable on the Overlook map in the Beta, pits Spartans against Elites. The aliens must destroy generators on the map as Spartans attempt to stop their efforts. After five minutes are up (or the Elites have destroyed the generators) teams swap and duke it out again.

Invasion- Bungie still won’t say much about this gametype, instead saving details for a date closer to the Beta’s arrival.  All we know is what we already knew; it’ll be played on the Boneyard map exclusively and that it supports vehicles.

Make sure to head to the full story at 1UP for more information and beautiful screenshots you won’t find anywhere else.

The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta begins May 3 for owners of Halo 3: ODST. We’re enlisting in the fight…are you?

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