Nintendo of Japan today announced the fifth generation Pokemon titles. Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are the latest pair of creature-catching games to grace the mighty portable DS this Fall in Japan.

Nintendo backtracks in terms of color complexity to the days of Yellow and Red and with the upcoming release, simply calling them Black and White.

Black and White

What can gamers expect from Black and White? Seeing as every Pokemon game for years has played nearly exactly the same way and gone on to sell millions, you wouldn’t expect Nintendo to change the formula. But not so quick.

According to a teaser headline on the game’s Web site, the game won’t be what you’d expect.

“Every aspect will be reborn innovatively,” reads the line, translated into English.

One of the game’s creatures, Zoroark, has already been outed. But stay glued to the teaser site (provided you read Japanese) as it promises new details April 15.

Source: Joystiq

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