According to industry analysts, not making a Twilight video game, equaled millions in untold treasure.

Games Investor Consulting analyst Nick Gibson, speaking with MCV, said a Twilight-themed video game would have gone on to push seven figures or more.
“Given how hot a property it is, [a Twilight video game] could easily present a seven-figure exploitation opportunity, especially if publishers consider taking it beyond retail gaming and considers network gaming.”

“It may well be that the rights holders aren’t aware of the potential benefits because they haven’t explored the games market before.”

There has yet to be a standalone Twilight video game, which seems extremely odd, given the popularity of the series, especially with females. A DS/Wii game could, potentially, sell extremely well.

The only Twilight game on the market today is the Scene It? offshoot, hardly a proper vampire game.

With the second film, “New Moon,” hitting shelves on DVD next week and a third film planned for this summer, the prospect of building a Twilight game seems more likely now than ever. Though, I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Source: CVG

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