College football star Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl advertisement, funded by Focus on the Family, did not live up to its hype, according to The Celebrity Caf©. The anti-abortion commercial featuring Tebow and his mother was expected to very controversial, but was quite tame in actuality.

Blog Critics states that in the days leading up to the Super Bowl there was much discussion around the question of whether or not the ad should be allowed to be aired. Over the years, several ads have been banned from the big game because they were too "racy for the masses." Last year, PETA’s pro-vegetarian ad was banned for being too sexual, and this year an ad for the gay dating website was also rejected.

Despite the building controversy, Tim Tebow’s ad was mild. According to The Celebrity Caf©, the ad was more of a lighthearted take on a mother-son relationship than it was an advocate against abortion, or a heartwarming story about a mother ignoring doctors’ advice and having her baby anyway. Tebow’s mother suffered a life-threatening infection while she was pregnant. Doctors expected a stillbirth and recommended she have an abortion. But Pam Tebow, despite the odds, made her own choice.

The actual ad briefly narrates Tebow’s story, and then shows Tim tackling his mother in a lighthearted way. The abortion issue is never explicitly mentioned or discussed in the commercial.

Jamelle Hill of ESPN wrote “I don’t care if you’re pro-choice or pro-life, conservative or liberal, God-fearing or atheist, you’ve got to admire Tebow for standing with conviction, even as he’s opening himself and his family up to criticism.”

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  1. Mel

    What a ridiculous article. Celebrity Cafe does not specialize in politics and has absolutely no qualifications to decide what is or isn’t ideologically tame. And as for “standing up for convictions,” the controversy was about the fact that progressives have been denied the right to stand up for there convictions through Super Bowl ads, but the far right (and Focus on the Family is a far right, sexist, homophobic organization) gets a pass from CBS.

    A more honest article would have been: “I, Brian Francis, agree with Tim Tebow and Focus on the Family.” Here’s a quote from a cheesy website that doesn’t have any knowledge of the matter and a quote from another person who agrees with me, Tim and FotF.”


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