In a departure from her traditional dance-filled videos, Beyoncé’s video for her song “1+1” features just her. Throughout most of the video, only Beyoncé is pictured in the shot wearing a gold, sequined dress or leopard print lingerie.

The video is appropriate for the song, which is a slow, love ballad. Beyoncé simply sings the song staring straight into the camera with a sincerity that seems genuine. She even lets tears roll down her eyes in one of the shots.

About halfway through, the video heats up, showing male hands caressing Beyoncé’s body. The shot then expands and depicts Beyoncé and a shirtless male model moving sensualy to the song. Shortly after, she cools herself down by rubbing an ice cube over her face and lips.

The video ends with just music, without lyrics, and images of Beyoncé with the visual effect of looking through a kaleidoscope. The last shot returns to the image that opened the video; a glistening, golden, sultry Beyoncé.

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