There are many different ways to go about cleaning your brushes, however some things should always remain the same:

  • Make sure you wash your brushes BEFORE using them for the first time.  You want to remove any dust and/or debris that was created when they were made, packaged, and/or waiting to be bought at the store.
  • ALWAYS wash your brushes in lukewarm water…you never want the hair bundle in extreme hot or cold water.
  • ALWAYS hold your brush straight up and down with the hair bundle pointing downwards.  Also, try to get just the hair bundle wet.  If you get water inside of the ferrule it may cause damage to your brush (such as loosening up the ferrule from the handle and/or the hair bundle).
  • ALWAYS lay your brushes flat to dry.

Here is a picture that explains the anatomy of a brush:

As far as how often should you clean your brushes….well that part is basically up to you.  Brushes are expensive because they are built to last; if you take proper care of your brushes then they could last you for years and years to come!

There are two different types of cleaning when it comes to brushes:

Spot Cleaning: You can use a brush cleanser, like MAC’s, or you can even use wipes, like baby wipes or the wipes you use to remove your makeup.  I use both of these methods; however when I use the MAC brush cleanser I like to get some on a face cloth and clean my brush by rubbing it onto the cloth.  Whether you’re using a brush cleanser or wipes you want to gently massage the hair bundle in a circular motion onto the wipe/cloth until you no longer see product coming off of the brush.  Spot cleaning can be done as often as after every makeup application, a few times a week, to once a week.

Deep Cleaning: A lot of people like to use brush cleansers for deep cleaning, but I don’t think they do the job right.  I prefer to use baby shampoo, like Johnson and Johnson’s.  If it’s good enough to clean babies, then it is good enough to clean my brushes!  Deep cleaning can be done as often as every other week or once a month.  This method can take quite some time if you have a lot of brushes (or a lot of product left in your brushes), however it will make your brushes feel brand new.

Basic Cleaning Method: Here are step by step instructions on how to properly deep clean your brushes:

  • Turn the faucet on and adjust it so that the water feels lukewarm.  Then hold your brush vertically with the hair bundle pointing down.  Wet the hair bundle.
  • Pour a pea sized amount of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand (a little does go a long way).
  • Gently massage the hair bundle into the shampoo in a circular motion.  You will see that the color from the brush will transform onto the palm of your hand.  Don’t worry it washes right off!  If you have a lot of product built up into your brush then you can use your finger tips to gently work the shampoo into the hairs.  Make sure you aren’t using a heavy hand and that you aren’t distorting any of the hairs.
  • Rinse the brush; try not to get the ferrule wet.  You should see the color coming out of the brush.
  • If you think you need to wash your brush again, by all means please do so.
  • The brush is clean once the water runs clear and you no longer get product on the palm of your hand (without shampoo).

Remember: You want to always hold the brush vertically whether you’re rinsing or washing.

Lastly: Lay the brushes FLAT to dry!  This will prevent any water from making it’s way into the ferrule and eventually to the handle.  You may leave your brushes to dry over night, but I’ve noticed that some will dry after sitting for a few hours.

Enjoy! Your brushes will feel brand new after a deep clean….and we all love the feeling of new brushes!

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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