When Capcom revealed the trailer you see below, earlier this week, I though to myself WTF?

What we’re getting is Lost Planet 2, a title looking to be a fine sequel, infused with Marcus and Dom from the Gears of War series.

Strange? Maybe, awesome? Definitely.

Right now we have no idea at what capacity the muscly-duo will appear in the game as, but Cliff Bleszinksi, director at Epic Games offered a bit of insight to gaming blog Kotaku.

He said:

“They [Capcom] contacted us about the cameo and we said ‘heck yeah. We’re mutual fans of each other’s work and crossovers are darned cool so we sent over the Marcus and Dom models for implementation.”

As far as implementation of the very distinct Gears of War controls, Bleszinski wasn’t so sure:

“I can’t speak about the controls for LP2,” Bleszinski adds. “Anything else about how it’s accessed or used in game remains to be revealed. I’ll leave that to Capcom’s capable hands.”

Here’s the trailer.

Source: Kotaku

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