According to sources that can’t be confirmed (or denied), Activision’s money-making studio Infinity Ward will not develop Modern Warfare 3 and are instead working on something “completely new.”

But what about Modern Warfare 3 then? Surely Activision will want to cash in on the already monetarily-proven franchise, so if not Infinity Ward, then who?

More rumors from over the summer indicate Activision has built and is funding yet another studio, which could possibly develop a third Modern Warfare, while Infinity Ward makes an entirely new game.

Whatever the case, this is very intriguing news. A Modern Warfare title without Infinity Ward attached? Weird man. And just what the heck is IW making if not Call of Duty? Strange times these are.

Source: Destructoid

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  1. Walter

    I think this strategy makes sense. Activision knows MW3 will sell regardless of whether Infinity Ward is making it or not. As long as they get a studio that is competent, they can push out a mediocre game and still have great sales. Meanwhile, the proven talent at IW can work on a brand new game – one that will actually have to be good and prove itself to sell.


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