8. Borderlands (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC): If you haven’t played Borderlands yet, then you may not understand why it’s on this list. If you have played it though, then you know that it’s sweet, sweet digital crack, just like the game it’s inspired by. No, not Fallout 3, despite the post-apocalyptic look to the world, but Diablo. Borderlands is Diablo with guns–despite Diablo’s detractors, who feel the game is nothing more than clicking repeatedly, it’s proven to have an addicting formula that keeps people coming back for more. More loot, more slain enemies, more experience, just more of everything. Borderlands does the same thing, but through a more interactive medium: shooting stuff. There’s no end of stuff to shoot in Borderlands, and shooting stuff means you get better stuff to shoot that lets you kill things that are harder to kill. It sounds simple, but if you’re skeptical, do yourself a favor and find a copy to play. Sure, the ending stinks, and the game has a mess of little problems that bring down the experience, but even in this form it’s a game you can’t tear yourself away from, and it’s easily one of the most memorable and replayable titles of 2009. –Marc Normandin

Shoot and Loot. It's the name of the game in Gearbox's masterpiece

7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC): Modern Warfare 2 was almost unanimously considered one of the year’s best games months before it was even released.  However, unlike many titles that have been cut from that same super-hyped cloth, Modern Warfare 2 did not disappoint the millions of COD faithful. Driven by the wildly successful multiplayer mode, many were fearful that any alteration or revamping of this aspect would be hard to swallow.  The folks at Infinity Ward were good about touching up some of the flaws from their initial Modern Warfare release, but were not shy about adding some extra features, customization and, of course, kill streaks.  From my lens, the increased chaos and intensity of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer took a few hours of adjustment, but eventually became my favorite online mode of the year .I try my best not to let the most current trends sway my opinion, but I do like to give credit where credit is due.  With a different interface, look and overall feel of the game, I’m not afraid to say that Modern Warfare 2 is NOT the original.  However, with complete upgrades and updates to almost every part of the game, I’m also not afraid to say that Modern Warfare 2 is better than the original. –Chase Gharrity

Live up to the hype? Yeah, I think so!

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