I’m not typically attracted to the boldest pieces on the market, but lately I’ve been lusting over everything red! Have you seen the new Nordstrom Holiday catalog? Or Essie’s winter collection. Maybe it’s the frightening number of November Christmas displays clouding my judgment, but I’m in love.


The Nordstrom Holiday catalog showcases these beautiful rosette-adorned pumps in all of their special-occasion glory. I love their curves and the details. Designed by Steve Madden, they only cost $99.95. They haven’t hit the Nordstrom (or Steve Madden) website yet, but I’ll keep you posted.


I’m loving Essie’s “Lollipop” shade in their Winter 2009 collection. The bright red shade just made me smile the entire time it adorned my fingertips.


I’m usually a white wine kind of gal, but lately I’ve been a bit embarrassed ordering a Pinot Grigio with my filet mignon. When Charles Street Liquors had a wine-tasting a few weeks ago, I fell head over heals for this Argentinian wine, a Malbec. The taste is light and sweet, but doesn’t stay on your palet as long as say, a pinot noir. There are hints of black raspberry, and it’s just wonderful by itself or with dinner.


I was a lipgloss only kind of girl until about a month ago, at the urge of one of my daily reads, The Glamour Girls in the Beauty Department blog. Beginning my habit slowly, I found a few good drugstore colors, and started to experiment. Walking through Macy’s on my lunchbreak yesterday, I tried on shade #28 of Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipstick, and I fell in love. Called, “Romantic,” the shade is a rich raspberry tone that I swear would look good on anyone. The lipstick softens your lips and stays much longer than anything else I’ve tried. Not to mention how cute and slick the case is; I’ll whip it out anywhere!!

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