Stealing in the 21st century is easy. How easy? How about so easy about 4 million gamers stole $60 from Infinity Ward and Activision, and no one’s getting busted!

steal steal steal steal

According to statistics from TorrentFreak, Modern Warfare 2 is 2009’s most-pirated game and the PC version of the game was downloaded, without paying, over 4.1 million times, and when combined with the number of Xbox 360 illegal downloads, the figure vaults into the over-5 million club.

2008’s was Spore for reference.

Source: IGN

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  1. Driscoll

    I had a few friends who downloaded it for the xbox, then they got band so went and purchased a legit version. A figure we will probably never know but how many of those that downloaded an illegal version on xbox 360 went out to buy a retail copy after being banned?


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