The Twilight Soundtrack has spent 12 straight weeks in the top 10 (settling currently at #5) and is about to break the record for the longest run in the top 10 since 8 Mile. For some artists included in the soundtrack, this might be old news, but for Sam Bradley, Bobby Long, and Marcus Foster, this could be a career jump starter, and we were lucky enough to talk to all three of them this week about their involvement in the Twilight soundtrack, their music, and their upcoming endeavors.

If you haven’t heard of them, these three Brits are friends and musical collaborators with Rob Pattinson, who performed their songs “Never Think” (co-written by Pattinson and Bradley) and “Let Me Sign” (written by Foster and Long) on the soundtrack.

Eager to get closer to anything Rob, Twilighters have shifted their die-hard gaze towards these three and have accidently stumbled into some really genuinely‚ good‚ music. Now before you listen, be aware that these aren’t the typical musicians you’d expect to gain worldwide attention from a teen phenomenon. We’re talking Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Jeff Buckley inspired music – not anything like the Disney pop Jo Bros or Miley Cyrus hits blaring in teen girls’ ear buds across the country (thank goodness). What makes Twilight so different from most teen phenomenons, and what I believe gives these boys so much hope, is the huge presence of twenty-something, even thirty-something fans that might have already grown up on this type of music. Either way, needless to say, the guys don’t mind the sudden influx of new fans.

“It’s put me on the map that’s for sure,” Long said. “I used to play 5 gigs a week for like 2 people because I always thought it was important to get an education in music and play for like nobody and learn how to play. Now all of a sudden. . .”. Now all of a sudden he has gone from around 50 plays a day on Myspace to around 700, and has girls screaming at his gigs in London – one girl even ran up to kiss him before being asked to leave. Unphased by his new audience, Long described the change: “Well, it’s nice. It’s really nice playing to people but it can be a bit uncomfortable. . . it’s not at the stage like Rob has it, though.”

At this point, it’s a good thing they’ve all witnessed Robert’s rocket to fame and how wild fans can be. “They’re insane,” Long laughed, describing Twilight fans, “but they’re funny and I think they’re aware they’re like that, so they have a sense of humor. But they’re all nice people”. Marcus recognizes how many of his new fans are Twiligthers as well; something hard to hide when they have profile pictures of Rob. “It’s crazy. I get lots of messages every day, it’s quite funny.”

Joking about the vivacity of the Twilight fans, and claiming he would never have‚ too‚ many fans, Sam stated, “if I was to be chased down by fans, that would be a good thing. It would be fun – I reckon I can run faster than them”. The three musicians even have a livejournal community dedicated to them – “land of dreamers”.

Just a year ago, none of them (not even Rob) could have expected they’d be talking about being overwhelmed by fans. Sam, Marcus, and Rob all went to school together in London and met Bobby by playing different venues when he came to London to study and do his music as well. “He was one of the guys playing at an open mic,” Sam said about meeting Bobby, “we looked at each other from across the room, our eyes met . . . and the rest is history”.

While Marcus has been playing for years, both Sam and Bobby have had late starts into musician-dom, not learning the guitar until 17. “It was something that just felt kind of natural,” Bradley said about playing. Long seems to have had a similar beginning: “I was just this shy, lead guitar player in like, grungy bands. . .I only starting singing about a year and a half ago, two years ago”. And thank goodness he did.

Despite their modest start, all three have big plans for the future.

Sam Bradley is in the studio all this week in Vancouver recording and then off to Paris to finish production for the rest of the month where he will meet up with Foster and Long to do back-up vocals.

“I heard about that,” Bobby said in reference to the collaboration in Paris. He didn’t hear it from Sam. “Someone else on Myspace told me”. Oh the wonders of the modern world.

“I just say it out loud and assume he knows it” Sam joked, proving their communication to be only a little strained from Vancouver to London with the help of loyal fans. Fortunately, Sam did e-mail Marcus to ask, and he’s confirmed he’ll be on board if he can get there.

Set on a tight schedule, Bradley has basically a month to get everything done. “I’m so tired, it’s been really good. We’re getting some really good stuff,” Bradley said in reference to the recordings. In addition to Marcus Foster and Bobby Long, Sam’s regular band will be playing on the album, and his sister will be providing some vocals as well. “It’s a mash of people playing, basically . . . everyone connected means something”.

As far as what can be expected on his new album, he stated, “there are lots of new songs, there are also some that have been on the Myspace but they’re different – it’s more professional.” Sam also disclosed that one fan favorite, and Sam’s personal favorite, “Sea Blue” will be appearing on the new album.

While in France, Bradley will also be playing at Kord Unplugged, right in the heart of Paris on February 12th. “It’s going to be really intimate and really, really sexy,” Sam promised of the gig.

Currently working on a demo, Bobby Long is planning a trip to the states in April. This will be a crucial trip for Bobby, considering a great majority of his listeners are from the US (remember, Twilight was biggest here). He’ll also have the chance to meet with industry people and record labels. Arriving in New York on April 12th, he’ll be playing at the Lakeside Lounge April 13th‚ and Arlene’s Grocery on the 14th. After that, he’ll be heading to Los Angeles, where he is still looking for venues: “we’re looking around, we have a few offers in LA but we’re looking for places to play on the 15th‚ 16th‚ and 17th, so if anyone has any ideas. . .”.

If you do have any suggestions – feel free to leave them below in the comment box. Also, according to Sam, he “better be playing” in these gigs as well, so if you’re a fan it could be a great chance to see them both.

As far as New Moon goes, Bobby revealed that there were a few songs that he wrote with Marcus around the same time they wrote “Let Me Sign” that he thinks could be appropriate for the next Twilight installment, if they are asked to contribute.‚  Although they have talked about recording “Let Me Sign” themselves, Bobby and Marcus aren’t exactly how to work it out. “We don’t know whose album we’d put it on. Like, we kind of wrote songs together last year and that was one that we kind of gave to Rob. We preferred the other ones actually . . . maybe Rob can keep that one,” Marcus laughed.

Marcus, hoping to broaden his fan horizon from just Twilighters, will have another song featured in an upcoming movie. Starring Christopher Walken and Sharon Stone, the “Five Dollars a Day” soundtrack will include “Make it Easy”.‚  Foster also has an upcoming gig in Brighton on February 6th, but has had his focus elsewhere for a while: “At the moment I’ve just been doing a lot of recording, and concentrating on that and also I’m trying to get a band together as well so I’ve been kind of waiting to get the right kind of group of people”. All this recording however, does mean he’ll have new songs to upload on his Myspace in the near future. This might come as bad news to all the fans that have grown to love the current songs listed there, but Marcus is excited about the change: “I’m actually quite tired of them at the moment, like, I’m looking forward to changing them in a week or so”.

This summer, all three are hoping to tour the states together. “We had this amazing plan at the start where it was going to be US and go to Vancouver and rehearse and then get a car and then just drive down to America,” Bobby said laughing before revealing the more practical reality: “we’re just trying to get visas”.

The styles of their music vary slightly, as is to be expected with individual endeavors, but their musical collaborations are seamless. Their personalities obviously contribute to their charm, with Sam’s humor, Bobby’s sweetness and Marcus’ general mystery, there’s a strong balance between all three that makes them fascinating to listen to. And then, of course, let’s not forget the accents.

Whether there is more Twilight action to be expected or not, Sam Bradley, Bobby Long, and Marcus Foster are at the dawn of their careers. All three were very adamant about how much they appreciate the support and love they receive from their fans, so if you want to help along the chance that they might be able to tour in your city this summer, the best way to help that along would be to show your support at Bobby’s gigs in New York and Los Angeles this Easter.

Be sure to check out their Myspace pages:‚ 




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Liz McClendon is a two-time graduate of Virginia Tech and now spends her time traversing the internet, where she writes and continues her seemingly everlasting quest to be gainfully employed.

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  1. Thaifer

    Thank you so much for an article focusing on these amazing up and coming talents!
    I have become a huge fan of all three artists in the past year and am waiting for their albums with baited breath.
    Great article.

  2. dymndiz

    Thanks for this great article! As die hard fans, we know how incredible these 3 musicians/artists are and are poised and ready to help spread the word. Twilight may have gotten us to Bobby/Marcus/Sam, but it’s their talent that keeps us here, firmly planted and ready for more. Thanks Liz, for a well written article!

  3. StephLorenzo

    Sam. darling. we’d definitely catch you.

    “And then, of course, let’s not forget the accents.” woot woot for that!

    i love these guys so much, and i’m so thankful that Rob and Twilight have introduced me to them!

  4. Jeda115

    “thank goodness” is right! Imagine my surprise to find stellar musical talent in the pot of gold at the end of the Twilight rainbow. And like dymndiz says it’s their talent, their amazing music that keeps us firmly planted as die hard fans. And firmly planted we will stay! 🙂

  5. Jeda115

    Oh- just fyi…..I’m in the middle of making plans to fly to L.A. from AZ to catch Bobby’s shows. So the support needed is in the works by so many people out there. He already has tons of L.A. fans. I’m a little worried about not being able to get in!

  6. stacey

    What a great article. I totally agree with dymndiz the whole twilight phenomenon may have clued me into these guys but their incredible talent made me a fan. Their music is some of the best I have heard in years. And hey the fact they are all totally cute and have the sexiest accents in the world doesn’t hurt either.

    Oh and one more thing Sam better find a great pair of running shoes cause I have a feeling some of these ladies could catch him and he might not mind.

  7. MissEmily

    Thanks for the fabulous article! These guys are great musicians, with such beautiful lyrics, voices, and talent! I’m so excited for their tour and I hope they come up where I live! I’m so excited!

  8. Christine

    Great Interview! So I’ve never been to a concert in LA but I heard the Hotel Cafe is really nice, they do also have a myspace.
    Keep up the good work and can’t wait for all the amazing music!


  9. UnintendedChoice

    These guys are SUPER talented and it’s great that being involved with Twilight (and friends with Rob!) has given them this kind of exposure. Everyone is looking for their big break, and I think it really was handed to them by the Twilight soundtrack- looking forward to hearing really great music from them for a long time!

  10. Donna Peerce

    Sam, Bobby and Marcus should come to Nashville, TN on April 15, 16th and 17th. I could get them some high profile gigs at several amazing spots in Nashville where music industry people hang out. I have booked numerous bands; I’m a writer and have friends in the music industry. I would also book them in a nice hotel while they’re here and take care of all their needs. Just have the guys email me. I’d love to help them out because I love their music.

    Call me! Email me!

  11. Myriam

    I would die of happiness if they would come to Montreal. I’d overlook the three hour drive!!
    I know it’s far from Vancouver though… 🙂

  12. eldolordenoche

    columbus, OH! i would go for the newport music hall or the lifestyle communities pavilion. anything else would be too small. or too expensive.

  13. Evie

    I’m so glad that Bobby will be making a stop in NYC and playing here two nights!! I already have it marked on my calendar so I will definitely be there with my friends who also love him & Sam (I hope he’ll be there as well!).

    As for the US tour in the summer, please definitely come to NYC!! Lots of us love you here and can’t wait to see everyone perform live. 🙂

  14. Teresa

    Excellent article. “I Was Broken” is one of the best songs that I have
    heard in years!!

  15. Tiffany

    amazing article about three amazingly talented guys. can’t wait for them to be in the states. birmingham, alabama would be thrilled to have them!!

  16. stacey

    Nashville would be fabulous – that is my hometown and while I no longer live there I wouldn’t mind traveling to see them. Wish I could make it to L.A. but I can’t for those dates.

    I’m praying for a New Orleans stop on that summer tour they are working on. We’ve got some great clubs so come on down.

  17. Emily

    Thanks for that amazing article, i am a big fan of theirs and i love that they are becoming bigger now. There arent very many interviews with them out there, so this was great =)

  18. Mandi Jackson

    Thanks very much for this great article. I did grow up listening Van Morrison, Waits, Buckley so it is so refreshing to hear fabulous new talent that is reminisent of that era, but definitely original at the same time. Love, Love, Love it!!

    Barley’s in Knoxville Tn would be a great place to come visit.

  19. Stefanie

    I would definitely suggest Nashville. There are plenty of places for them to play.

  20. Julie

    If you’re still looking for more gigs there is a really good music scene in Denver and Boulder Colorado. I’d shoot for the Fox Theater in Boulder, the Fillmore, the Bluebird, the Ogden, the Soiled Dove or the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver

    I just hope if you do come here, I’ll be one of the first to know.

    Thanks and good luck!!!

  21. h

    There are tons of amazing places here in L.A.
    Somewhere that isn’t 21+ would be most amazing. The Troubadour, House of Blues, The Roxy, The Smell, The Knitting Factory… are all great more intimate venues. And I have a contact who books Whiskey a go-go.

    Larger venues: The Greek Theater, The Wiltern, and The Orpheum are all beautiful with amazing acoustics.


  22. Natashya

    Hey, where can we actually buy any of these guys’ music? Do they record together or separately? Is there a group name? I like what I hear on their separate MySpace pages, but can’t figure out where to get a CD/download of any of it.

  23. theOCgirl

    Come to Orange County, California!

    You guys are amazing. Good luck & say “hi” to Rob! 🙂

  24. plicsavre50

    Hey This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. I’m really attracted to you and I think you would be wanting to get with *Read FULL Card Here*


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