Amazon, every day, without fail, hacks and slashes the price of some video game related content as its “Deal of the Day” promotion.

Often the deals are hardly deals, but today smells a little different.

Amazon is offering, today only, or until supply evaporates, DJ Hero: Renegade Edition for Xbox 360 only, at $50 off, or, the still hefty, yet somewhat more bearable, $149.99.

Is that you?

Is that you?

Exclusive to the Renegade Edition are two items; a sturdy DJ stand, so you won’t have to set up shop on your coffee table, an upper-tier turntable decorated in flashy gold, and a 2-disc CD set of Eminem/Jay-Z tunes, some of which have never released elsewhere.

For that aspiring DJ on your Christmahanukwanza list, you might consider this deal, but otherwise, maybe not.

DJ Hero $50 off @ Amazon Deal of the Day

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  1. Dj Hero Forum

    To me it sounds like a great deal from Amazon the DJ Hero game has not really become popular yet so they have to do something to get the train started.

  2. wanderer

    This information is false.

    Amazon is selling DJ Hero Renegade for $159 from JR Music + Shipping


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