Nadine Gelineau, founder and CEO of of music marketing agency The MuseBox, passed away last Thursday, April 7, of lung cancer. She was 56.

Gelineau’s music industry career began with her work as a DJ during the 1990s for CKCU-FM in Ottawa, Canada. She started the MuseBox in 2006 in order to use her passion for music to promote independent artists. Over the course of her career, Gelineau worked with artists of all sizes, ranging from tiny indie bands to the likes of The Killers.

Her passion and hard work was not stopped when she was first diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in January 2016. A GoFundMe campaign created to pay for treatment raised $65,000, from friends, associates, and artists, showing the incredible number of lives she had touched through her career. However, in February, Gelineau brought in MuseBox Chief Marketing Officer Erik Koral and Chief Operating Officer Andrea Young to help manage the company, forming the Koral Young Group.

Although this was not meant to be a passing on of the company, Gelineau’s health soon took a turn for the worse, and she was moved to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hollywood. She passed away there last week.

Koral and Young plan to carry on Gelineau’s legacy in honor of her life and dedication. Gelineau’s family has given them their blessing to continue her work through the Koral Young Group.

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