Sex and affairs. Sex and affairs. I have a few aunts back home who would love this show.

We are so close. I’m mixed on this episode. I like the dark character twists. I don’t like the love triangles so much. Cheating and affairs and all that shit … I just don’t know.

I liked “Time.” Poof. It was gone. Not on television. They even wrapped up the interesting “Time” storyline online. I guess, there wasn’t enough time to finish “Time.”

Enter “Life.” With an initial impression that screams: “Days of Our Lives.”

Here’s a sci-fi question: They have no fresh food. They’re rationing what they have. Why are they all doing heavy calisthenics and burning all their calories? You lose weight when you starve to death too.

The interesting thing in this episode was the discovery of an Ancient chair that might hold the knowledge the crew needs to use the ship or maybe even get home.

There’s a lesbian story arc with Ming-Na’s (E.R.) character. I like it. It’s well done. It’s romantic instead of pornographic like most shows show lesbians. It adds value to the story and the character, which is always a struggle in Stargate with International Oversight Committee members. I just loved it. It is the only relationship that feels real so far. Ming-Na, a guest, supporting character, has shown the most talent.

And that’s just interesting. Homosexuality is lampooned on television. It’s debated in most of the country. And on this show, this show that I’ve trashed all fall, there’s a homosexual relationship that’s portrayed as real is real life is.

Also, Lt. Scott has a kid. We saw that coming.

What I also like is the intrigue being shown by Rush and the conflict between Col. Young and Dr. Rush. We actually have some interaction between the characters that’s meaningful.

Let’s go back to an argument I’ve made for three weeks now: If we were in week four or week five, we’d be on the right track. We’re still behind. We’re through 10 episodes with five episodes of story.

Yes, I’ve decided it: I liked “Life.” It sets a stage. Even a seed sprouts in the end, a sign of hope.

Cause, maybe, just maybe, they’re not doomed every week.

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  1. Manuel

    I agree so much. I think they’re starting to lose most of the Stargate: 90210, and keeping with the Stargate: New Kids On The Block 😉

  2. Langston

    Is anything ever going to happen on this show? It’s a soap opera inside a tube. We’res the freaking action? Boring!!

  3. Annoyed

    15 years of great stargate, long flowing storylines, and great interactions……to this? People involved in Stargate have always been PROFESSIONAL. SGU sucks. The characters are whiney, sniveling, 16 year olds. You build stories to involve the characters and then when we actually care about the people, you can show us more about who they are. Why were the ships sent that far out? Why is no one on the ship? The “stones” are stupid. Look honey its really me in someones body…see?…, lets jump into bed!?….really ?? STUPID!!!! SGU blows. Not one episode yet where I haven’t fast forwarded through the “ralationship” crap!! I don’t care who is lusting after who, homeosexual degeneracy, immorality……. Stargate is dead.

  4. bcga

    It’s become clear that the writers wanted to make stargate more like BSG. Too bad they took all the bad elements of BSG (sex, love triangles, flawed characters) and none of the good ones (religion, politics, and AIs in science fiction, flawed but compelling and consistent characters). The writers are a bunch of hacks. It’s a shame that the fandom has been duped into defending and excusing this subpar example of a SF show. I say fire the lot and bring in people with real talent and fresh ideas.

  5. tetrion

    Actually the writers are a bunch of degenerates, employing nudity, sex and rape into nearly every storyline. Yes, rape. Taking over a person’s body, then using it to have sex, get drunk and do whatever without the owner’s permission. Bull. Yes, I’m sure a complete stranger rocks up on your doorstep with a insane story, and they jump into bed without a second thought. Can someone say cheating? Nope, it’s OK as their actually in someone else’s body. C’mon! How hackneyed can the writers be? It seems the only people who actually like this show are mindless fanboys and drama queens. Time to pull the plug.

  6. matt

    It’s incredibly sad as to how low the franchise has sunk. These writers seem obsessed with sordid sex and horrible immoral annoying characters. This crap is not realistic life it’s just fanboys wet dreams. A very sad day for Stargate.

  7. Karel

    Yes, crap is the right word. Give us more sci-fi and less love stories, this ain’t Desperate Housewives show.

  8. Afzal

    WTF. Biggest load of twaddle ever. I loved sg1 and even sg Atlantis. Wer are d dam aliens. Wer is all d good stuff. If I wanted to watch estenders or Corrie or a soap i’d stick it on. They making us sci fi fans suffer I’ve fast forwarded nearly all but one episode. So bloody boring.

  9. Afzal

    Pls can someone tell the ppl who are making this they are making me hate star Gate!!!!

  10. Richard

    the only episode i’ve liked so far is ‘TIME’ and they didn’t even finish it!!!! i watch the next episode thinking great the conclusion of that time story this should be good. no wait did i fall in to a coma and miss an episode what the hell is this. 5minutes later after checking the listing no they just forgot to finish it, hmm thats odd why would they not complete the only story arc that isn’t utter rubbish.

    anyway they found a chair and the rest of it was like the stuff my wife watches and i try not to kill myslef while she does it. Im impressed they can have a lesbian story without 1 nipple on show but at the same time im left thinking if they had done that at least i wouldn’t be yawning.

    i can’t see SGU making it to series 2 im half way through series 1 and i’ve cancelled my series recording and made plans for the same time as the next 2 episodes (something i never did with SG1 or SGA and i wasn’t a big fan of SGA first season to start with)

  11. Kermonk

    “They are the wrong people in the wrong place”

    Yeah, the writers and the actors mostly!

  12. Utter Crap

    It bothers me that anyone likes this show or that anyone can find any good points to it. This show is PAINFUL. If it doesn’t make a person suffer horribly, I figure that person must be on some pretty heavy painkillers…

    There is not a single character I like enough to want to be immersed in their stupid lives. It’s torture! It’s reminiscent of the sort of rubbishy fiction writing that 8th grade aspiring writers come up with.

    There is already enough crap television. Stargate used to be my escape from it… *sigh*

  13. Utter Crap

    oh, and their sex-lives and love-lives and every cheap excuse for silly, immature, fakey drama on this show makes me want to puke.

    How does making yet another terrible soap-opera plotline (this time be about lesbians) strike people as being real or artistically honest or whatever? I hope nobody really lives a stupid television soap opera life, lesbian or not. Why should we be so glad that now lesbians are included in bad television? That’s just sad. How vacant do people have to be to start thinking like this?

  14. Beeker

    I am totally disgusted at how the StarGate franchise is being slowly beaten to death by terrible plots, characters, and soap opera quality. I don’t watch Soap Operas for a reason! who needs to know that Jack has a thing for Milly, who’s been sleeping with Ted, who just wants a good time ‘cuz there’s nothing else to do. That’s not StarGate! I feel cheated and lied to because the producers said how exciting and wonderful this show was to be! All I know is, I’m a female who should like romance, right? If it weren’t for the fact that I am afraid to lose StarGate all together due to this stink bomb, I’d have stopped watching it long ago! Where’s my SG-1 … heck, I’d even take Atlantis (I liked Atlantis, but the crown jewel is definitely SG-1). I feel physically ill every time Universe ends due to all the sewer sludge put into this show!
    Where are my StarGate movies! Let’s just do movies with the good series and let this one die the death it has been slowly heading towards anyways!

  15. bob

    I haven`t watched the show on tv yet. been fast forwarding thru episodes on internet. This allows me to skip past the soap opera yawn parts and watch the real action sci-fy stuff with a good sense of the genre. I like the basic ideas of this show. It has excellent potential!! The writers just have to clean up the soap opera stuff and move the story forward with more action and progress per episode. It`s like they don`t quite know where they`re going yet. They need to resolve the leadership role and move forward with definitive direction. Also the writers have established an Artificial Intelligence in the ship that is programmed to look after the crews bio needs. The crew needs to connect with this ship AI (probably thru the chair) and start to look after repairing the ships mechanical needs. Hope they speed the storyline up soon!!


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