DSC_2531__mid[1]Audi first showcased a futuristic appeal in the 2005 film “I, Robot” with the Audi RSQ based in the year 2035. Unlike The Jetsons, the RSQ brushed on autopilot capabilities while maintaining a believable road traveling quality. What once was just a car created in 10 weeks for a movie has been slowly becoming a reality with the combined efforts of Stanford University’s advanced automotive technology and Volkswagen Group Research Laboratory in Palo Alto, California. The research project of the Autonomous Audi TTS coupe is catching on as a worldwide sensation.

The Autonomous Audi TTS is a car that can safely operate without direct input from the driver though not aimed at removing the thrill of driving but to offer new possibilities of both today and future drivers. Burkhard Huhnke, executive director of the Electronics Research Laboratory, has noted that the technology found in the Autonomous Audi TTS could help drastically reduce the number of fatalities worldwide. The Autonomous Audi TTS will help ease road congestion and help the driver respond more effectively to safety hazards. Huhnke also noted that car would be able to return time to owners by performing routine chores such as parking itself in an assigned spot.

No release date as this is still clearly in testing stages but it doesn’t seem that too far off to think this will be considered the norm way before 2035.

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