The September NPD figures surfaced today and place the new, slimmer, and cheaper PlayStation 3‚  at the top of the best-selling console list.

This occurrence marks the first time in the PS3’s history that it’s beat out direct competitors Wii and Xbox 360, in the United States.

No one managed to topple the Nintendo DS however. The Nintendo portable continued its now 6‚  month streak atop the leaderboard with an impressive 500,000+ units sold in the August 30-October 3 tracking time frame.

  • Nintendo DS – 524,200
  • PlayStation 3 – 491,800
  • Wii – 462,800
  • Xbox 360 – 352,600
  • PSP – 190,400
  • PlayStation 2 – 146,000

Here’s what NPD Group Anita Frazier had to say about the new stats.

“All three console manufacturers enjoyed the impact of lower prices on unit sales as the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 realized an increase over August of 87%, 33%, and 31% respectively, on an average sales per week basis (keeping in mind September was a 5-week month compared to 4-weeks in August).”

“Compared to last September, the PS3 was the big winner, more than doubling last year’s sales,” Frazier notes, pointing to last September’s less than impressive fifth place finish for the PlayStation 3. “This portrays a very strong consumer reaction to the price decrease as August and September both realized a lift of more than 70% over the prior month.”

Well, I bought a PS3 in that time frame so the figure would have only been 491,799 if it wasn’t for me!

Source: Kotaku

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