2294658165_02fa01cecbHere at Blast, we all have one thing in common: Class.

Because nothing says classy like primate sex, porn parodies and cocaine.

So maybe we are lacking a little bit in the area of sophistication, but that’s about to change. This new column is about one of my favorite things. It’s classy, sophisticated and delicious. I’ll drink it by the bottle, by the box — hell, I’d drink it by the can if I had to (again, class all the way). But, I’m actually pretty clueless about it, and I’m guessing many our age are as well.

We’re talking about WINE.

Now, I’m not looking to become a wine snob. I just want to fully appreciate my favorite alcoholic beverage. What should I drink with my favorite dish? How do I properly taste wine? Where is Bordeaux?

So, here is what most of us probably already know (or think we know):

  • Red wine goes with meat. White wine goes with fish.
  • We know which wines we generally like. For me, it’s Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Chardonnay
  • We know whether we like our wine sweet, dry, fruity, etc.
  • We know much we can afford to spend on a bottle (Trader Joe’s two buck chuck, anyone?)
  • We know which countries produce our favorites (though some of us may still be hazy on this)

I’m right there with you, but that’s all about to change. Just for you, I’ll spend as many months as it takes sipping (okay chugging) wine and learning all there is to know (you can thank me later, it’s a tough job). We will be novices no more!

Coming in November, Blast has an exclusive interview with international wine expert and best-selling author Kevin Zraly. There is no one better to teach us about delicious vino.

So buy a few bottles, invite a few friends over (or don’t, we won’t judge) and get a taste for your favorites!


Do you have a burning question about wine? Comment below, and I’ll ask Kevin Zraly your question.

About The Author

Erica J. Marcus is a Blast Contributing Editor

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  1. ConstanceC

    I like the idea you’ve got going here. I’m 23 so I’m also part of the Millennial generation/Gen Y. I actually have earned some certifications in wine from the WSET, but am always looking to learn more! It’s hard being so young with the way our system in the US is set up for drinking and consumption of even wine with dinner — but I think a large majority of our generation is missing it. While I have come across quite a few individuals in the industry that are of the same age, in a world filled with Yellowtail and Barefoot bubbly, many of us don’t think beyond the price tag.

    Good luck! I’m excited to see what you come up with!

  2. Amy

    I have a friend who works in a wine store in Beacon Hill. Thoughts about having a monthly write up about different wines from a local?


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