In Holiday season’s past, Nintendo’s Wii and DS hardware offerings have flown off shelves at a frustrating pace. Frustrating for those looking to gift the system to friends or family over the jovial season.

This year however, according to Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime, will be different.

In an interview with CNBC, the Nintendo Pres. was asked about possible shortages this season, and responded that they’ll be plenty to go around.

“For our standpoint, we’re prepared,” claimed Fils-Aime. “We have a tremendous amount of product in inventory. We’ve been flowing product into retail. We do not expect to have shortages on our products.”

“Now, if we do experience them, I’d love to have that problem, but we’re not seeing that happening this year,” he added.

For the first time since its launch three years ago, the Wii is $50 cheaper. It remains to be seen if the cut will have effect on sales, but, as Nintendo loves doing, will update us once they have something to say.

Anyone just picking up a Wii now?

Source: IGN

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