Supporters of‚ ousted Honduran‚ President Manuel Zelaya‚ defied roadblocks and a city-wide closure to surround the Brazilian‚ embassy in which Zelaya has taken refuge in‚ Tegucigalpa, Al-Jazeera reports.‚ 

The men and women danced and cheered in the streets and after power was cut around the embassy, they used‚  their cell phones to complement the moonlight in a stunning display of unity.

On Tuesday however,‚ Honduran security forces disassembled the‚ thousands of pro-Manuel Zelaya supporters. Police chased and fired tear gas at the protesters, some of whom responded by throwing stones at the armed forces. No arrests of injuries have yet been reported, however there are thought to be several.

Zelaya returned to the Honduran capital on Monday, a claim which the military-backed coup government had previously denied.

The ousted president said he believes the police are preparing for an attack on the embassy, which would be‚ a grave violation of international law.

“The embassy is surrounded by police and the military … I foresee bigger acts of aggression and violence, that they could be capable of even invading the Brazilian embassy” Al-Jazeera reports he told Venezuelan Telesur network.

Brazil’s Foreign ministry has accused the de facto government of severing power and water lines that lead into the embassy.

Kicked Out

Zelaya was ousted by a military-backed coup on June 28, driven out of his home in his pajamas in the middle of the night. The coup was‚ due‚ largely in part to his attempts at a constitutional referendum that, potentially, would have allowed him to run for another term.

He was sent in to exile and told not to return.

The de facto leader, Roberto Micheletti, previously stated he was open to talks with foreign nations; however he recently stated he would not negotiate and demanded the transfer of Zelaya to his government so the ousted president could stand trial on corruption and constitutional violation charges.

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