“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Off the Map” were two of the only three scripted shows not in repeats last night, joined by CBS freshman sitcom “$#*! My Dad Says.” “Grey’s” led the night and had some of its best numbers of the season, while “Off the Map” wasn’t too far off its debut from the night before, with a 2.0, from a previous 2.3.

It’s tricky to predict how this show’s going to go forward. The 2.0 isn’t great, nor is the 2.3, but there were plenty of TV shenanigans from ABC on Wednesday, and it was a repeat on Thursday; between “Map’s” premiere and “The Cape” over on NBC, the networks are doing some seriously weird scheduling gimmicks to maximize exposure.

“$#*! My Dad Says” delivered a 2.9 demo rating–that’s not great, but it’s lead in was a repeat that drew a 3.0–so it’s pretty great comparatively. That said, it’s not a good sign that CBS is burning off episodes while everything else is in repeats. “$#*! My Dad Says” is looking at the cancellation line folks.

8 pm

Winter Wipeout: 3.6 demo, 10.5 million viewers

Big Bang Theory (Repeat):3.0 demo, 10.4 million viewers

Million Dollar Money Drop: 1.7 demo, 5.6 million viewers

Community (Repeat): 1.1 demo, 2.7 million viewers


$#*! My Dad Says: 2.9 demo, 10.2 million viewers

Community (Repeat): 1.2 demo, 2.5 million viewers

9 pm

Grey’s Anatomy: 4.4 demo, 12.2 million viewers

CSI (Repeat): 2.1 demo, 9.8 million viewers

The Office (Repeat): 1.5 demo, 3.3 million viewers

Bones (Repeat): 1.3 demo, 4.4 million viewers

9:30 pm

The Office (Repeat): 1.7 demo, 3.6 million viewers

10 pm

Off the Map (Encore): 2.0 demo, 6 million viewers

The Mentalist (Repeat): 1.9 demo, 10.3 million viewers

30 Rock (Repeat): 1.3 demo, 2.8 million viewers

10:30 pm

30 Rock (Repeat): 1.1 demo, 2.4 million viewers

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  1. Norma Steeves

    I’ve heard that Off the Map is really good, although why you would put anything up against Grey’s Anatomy – especially another scripted drama – is a wonder to me.


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