Pearl Jam’s 9th studio album, “Backspacer,” set to hit shelves Sept. 20, is coming, fully and completely to the Rock Band Music Store on the same day the CD releases.

That’s right, Eddie Vedder and company will soon be in your living room. Scary thought right?

Additionally, if you buy the Special Edition Album at Target stores nationwide you’ll score a code to download the same tunes in Rock Band. Not bad!

  • “Gonna See My Friend”
  • “Got Some”
  • “The Fixer”
  • “Johnny Guitar’
  • “Just Breathe”
  • “Amongst the Waves”
  • “Unthought Known”
  • “Supersonic”
  • “Speed of Sound”
  • “Force of Nature”
  • “The End”

All tracks are master recordings thankfully and will be first available on Xbox Live (Sept. 20), followed by their Wii release (Sept. 22), and culminating with a PlayStation Network release on Sept. 24.

Each song will run you the usual $1.99/160 MS Points/200 Wii Points, or if you want the entire pack that’ll cost you $17.99/1440 MS Points. Sorry Wii rockers, only single-song downloads for you.

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