I wrote this earlier this week and planned on posting it this afternoon. Looks like me and the Sox are too late. Is Manny next? What are the Sox planning on doing now? There are too many questions at this point and all we can do is watch it play out…

When I’m not thinking about the Pats, it’s a safe bet to make that I’m thinking about the Sox, which inevitably means that I’m thinking about the Yankees. I am in no way against buying buyers. People spout off that sports are a business and it’s true. This is especially true with baseballs soft salary cap. The soft cap allows for consumption without a lot of thinking. Do I pick A or B? That is a question that would come up in football. BOTH is the answer of a powerful and wealthy MLB team. Sabathia and Burnett were clearly two of the big names on the market this off-season and so that the fact that they are donning pinstripes before Christmas doesn’t shock me.

Is it scary? Yes, in some ways. The Yankees have improved their rotation ten fold. My take? That is a lot of money to pay a playoff bust and injury prone righty. What about their aging bats? That’s where I worry even more. Reports have been circulating that the Yankees are in the market for Teixeira and Manny.

The Yankees have gotten much better in their first two acquisitions of the year. Maybe I’m biased but I would still take a playoff dominant Beckett over playoff bust‚ Sabathia and a healthy Jon Lester over on the beach Burnett. What makes me nervous is the thought of the Yankees going out and picking up Teixeira (A) or Ramirez (B). Wait- this is the MLB. What about BOTH?

In Theo’s hands the Sox are in a good position. But it is a playoff race from the game one when you play in the AL East. I believe the Sox should, and will, counter with a big offer for Teixeira because clearly Manny ain’t coming back. Sign Lowe to the rotation and I’m confident. Without a big signing of a big bat? I’m not sure where we will be.

We have the homegrown talent, Pedroia, Youk and Papelbon, but now is the time to take advantage that we have the money to sign a guy like Teixeira. We have a good system and hefty funds. Let’s use ’em- BOTH.

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