Electronic Arts and Double Fine Productions today unleashed the Brutal Legend demo on Xbox Live and The PlayStation Network.

The catch? It’s only live for those who pre-ordered at GameStop. EA promises the demo will be set free for all to enjoy in the “coming weeks.” But with a release date of October 13, we’d hope that day is sooner rather than later.

The demo thrusts gamers into the shoes of main character Eddie Riggs in the game’s entire opening chapter. And for those who don’t know, Eddie Riggs, voiced by Jack Black is a lowly roadie who gets knocked unconscious and awakens in a world full of metal–including authentically voiced and imaged likenesses of Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne and more. Oh, and you’ve got to save humanity through the power of music. Have fun!

“I wish people could play the whole game right now” said Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions. “But while we’re waiting for Rocktober 13th, a taste of Metal is better than none at all.

If you’ve played the demo please relay your thoughts to use here, in the comments section.

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