The Title says it all. Dragons Vs. Robots is the latest transmedia project from media development company Massiverse, Inc.‚  In the future, humanity’s energy crisis worsened to the point where robots are able to take control of society. The robots, fueled by an energy source known as Protium, awaken the ancient dragons sleeping beneath the Earth when they remove the Protium (which is also an energy source for the dragons). Gamers are forced to choose between the dragons and the robots in order to attain the energy source and end the crisis. The plot alone sounds interesting enough to want to try the game out.

However, Massiverse will not only be telling the game through the online battle game, but through a manga series, trading card game, webisodes, novels and a full length feature film. This doesn’t sound very amazing since numerous brands have been launched like this (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Naruto come to mind), but it’s still very ambitious undertaking. The game probably won’t appeal to many older gamers, but kids will probably be able to enjoy it a lot, especially the manga. The story focuses on a 14 year old boys quest through China and Japan to find his family during the battle between the dragons and the robots. As a fantasy lover, the story looks like a solid enough plot for kids under 15 to enjoy.

After looking through the site a bit, I’m impressed by the content they have so far, but I recommend checking out their site for yourself and make your own decision. If you go to their site, you can play the online battle game and start reading Dragons Vs. Robots: Blade Guardian. Check out the gallery below for pictures of robots and dragons, then comment below with your thoughts on the game!

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