ABC may have found a suitable new comedy Wednesday with strong premiere numbers for “Mr. Sunshine,” which debuted to a 3.7 adults 18-49 rating. That’s leagues above “Cougar Town,” which traditionally brings in a mid-2.0 rating. “Off the Map” was pretty far off the map; it’s 1.9 demo rating ensures it won’t survive to a second season.

CBS saw a good boost to “Blue Bloods,” which rose to a 2.1 18-49 demo rating. While that’s still not good for CBS, and will likely leave the show cancelled, that’s more than recent airings of the network. Paula Abdul’s return to television has finally ended, as there will be no more “Live to Dance.”

Fox won the night in the demo and viewers, mostly on the heels of an 8.3 demo rating from “American Idol.” “Human Target” drew a 2.4 rating; there is little doubt that “Target” will be cancelled at the end of the season, along with “Lie to Me.”

8 pm

American Idol: 8.3 demo rating, 23.7 million viewers

The Middle: 2.6 demo rating, 8.4 million viewers

Minute to win it: 1.3 demo rating, 4.8 million viewers

Live to Dance: .9 demo rating, 4.8 million viewers

8:30 pm

Better With You: 2.0 demo, 6.8 million viewers

9 pm

Modern Family: 5.1 demo rating, 13.1 million viewers

Criminal Minds: 3.7 demo, 14.3 million viewers

Human Target: 2.4 demo rating, 8.3 million viewers

Minute to Win it: 2.3 demo, 7.3 million viewers


Mr. Sunshine: 3.7 demo, 10.3 million viewers

10 pm

Law and Order: SVU: 2.6 demo, 8 million viewers

Blue Bloods: 2.1 demo, 12 million viewers

Off the Map: 1.9 demo, 5.5 million viewers

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  1. 65Rosesauthor

    How is a show with 12.5 million viewers getting cancelled? It is trouncing it’s competition. It is well known that CBS is very happy with Blue Bloods, and doesn’t worry as much as other networks about the 18-49 demo. It’s going to get a second season, and it deserves it.


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