26 year-old Chirantan Patnaik from Mumbai, India is attempting a Grand Theft Auto: IV world record tonight. Beginning at 12:30AM EST, the man will commence playing GTA: IV on PS3 and will continue playing for 30 straight hours.


Crazy, we know, but the current “Longest Time Spent Playing GTA:IV” Guinness World Record, set by Jim Hatton, stands at 28 hours. So, someone has to beat it, right?

Think of it this way, when Patnaik starts playing at 12:30AM this evening/early morning, he’ll still be playing when you wake up on Saturday morning!

The longest time I’ve ever spent in a digital world was 9 hours straight in World of Warcraft…yeah, a shameful part of my life. What about you?

Head on over to his blog to follow the record attempt live.

Via Rockstar

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