Boston’s Mean Creek has been hard at work writing and recording their much anticipated new album.

“The songs feel more different. Dare I say more poppy and happier,” guitarist Chris Keene said. “It is not in generic way. Weare just expressing different emotions.”

For the band creating new material has been invigorating. “It’s been exciting to work on new stuff. It’s been very natural,” Keene said.

There latest single “Land of hopes and dreams” has quickly become a fan favorite. “I love the song,” Keene said. “The song expresses the feeling how it feels to live in this country to us. It’s hard to explain. The song speaks for itself.”

Keene gets equally flustered when discussing about the sound of his band. “It’s hard to describe us,” he said. “I never knew how to answer that question.”

The Improper Bostonian declared them one of the ten bands you have to hear. Paste magazine said “Mean Creek is not merely a great Boston Band; they’re a really great band period. Everyone outside the 617 should be warned Boston has birthed its next prodigious band. Be prepared.”

The beloved rock band must be doing something right. In 2009,they won Boston Music Award’s Best New Act of the Year. This year they are nominated for Artist of the Year,” “Album/EP of the Year” and Song of the Year (Sunlight)

“It’s awesome,” Keene said. “We couldn’t be happier. It feels amazing to be recognized.”

Known for being a Boston band, the band credits the New England city for shaping them as artists.

“Boston has shaped who I am as a person,” Keene said. “The city has its own attitude. It feels different than any other place.Every place has its own attitude. I think it being cold for months makes you a certain way.”

The band formed a couple of years ago. Keene knew lead vocalist Aurore Ounjjan from high school. One day, the pair decided they wanted to forma band. Time went by and they finally met bassist Erik Wormwood and drummer Mikey Holland. “It didn’t really feel like a band until we met those guys,” Keene said.

The four instantly connected. “It all just came together,” Keene said. “That’s what made Mean Creek.”

Mean Creek is revered for their vibrant live shows. “I hate watching someone who is apathetic in what they are doing,” Keene said. “I just want to watch someone who loves what they are doing. When someone loves playing music, it is obvious and contagious.”

Mean Creek will be playing Brighton Music Hall on Nov. 26.

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