cubeguard-2Often when I’m sitting at my desk at work and I just need to work straight through something, I feel like there’s a giant, pink, neon sign that flickers to life above my head and invites everyone to please, stop right now and make sure that I get interrupted. And while I would love something high tech to take care of this problem (laser powered vaporizer, anyone?) it turns out there’s actually a decidedly low-tech, yet incredibly functional gadget to prevent these interruptions.

The CubeGuard is a retractable barrier with a message that stretches across the entrance to your cubicle. The banner says something like “do not disturb,” or more pointedly, “go away.” They’re also interchangeable, depending on your mood or what you want to say. The idea is that the physical barrier acts as a mental barrier for the people who approach you, and provided that they respect it, you should see interruptions stop, saving you time and frustration.

cubeguard-1Should the standard “greetings be insufficient for you, you can also order custom message cartridges, brand them with your own marketing, or just make up their own message. We suggest, “My other gadget is a laser powered vaporizer.”

The CubeGuard is available at their website or at selected Fry’s locations, and retail at $20 for one message cartridge and mounting kit, and $15 for an extra message cartridge, and $25 for a custom message cartridge.

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