Capcom announced their lineup for GamesCom ’09 in Cologne, Germany on August 19th “" 23rd. Capcom promises that there will be something for everyone, and proves it with their all star lineup: Dark Void, Monster Hunter Tri, Moto GP 09/10, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, Lost Planet 2, and Resident Evil 5!

Capcom will place a lot of focus on their upcoming third-person shooter, Dark Void. For GamesCom, Capcom will promoting the game’s characteristic jet pack experience with the Dark Void Body Flying Machine, a machine which will allow people to blast off from a vertical airstream at 180km/h. This will serve as a thrilling treat for those who want to experience the action first hand. And in another push to advertise the game, they have branded 200 taxis with the Dark Void logo, so that you may ride around the city in style. Those lucky enough to play the game at the booth will also receive a limited edition Dark Void gift!

Monster Hunter Tri, the latest addition to the Monster Hunter series, will be available as an English demo for the Nintendo Wii. This will allow fans to learn more about the new features and environments of the game. This game promises to expand upon the Monster Hunter experience since it will allow co-op hunting and team play which allow you to explore the fantasy world in depth. This is going to please many American fans who have been watching the game perform well overseas in Japan.

Fans of fighting games need not fear since Capcom will be unveiling their next fighting game for the Nintendo Wii: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. Fans of Street Fighter will be pleased very pleased with the result. Fan favorites like Ryu and Chun-Li will be available to duke it out against Tatsunoko stars Ken the Eagle, Casshan, and many others with a unique arsenal of moves and combos which will be sure to light up the screens of any Gamer’s television. However, they won’t just have to rely on Ultimate All Stars to satisfy their need for fighting. Spyborgs, the upcoming beat-em-up brawler for Wii promises a two-player, co-op experience as fighters fight their way through hordes of enemies and go up against challenging, but awesome boss battles.

Among the game series being taken in new directions is MotoGP 09/10, a game racing fans will NOT want to miss. The game promises to reward racing style and skill, instead of just focusing on who can cross the finish line first. Gamers in attendance will be allowed to play the demo and get a glimpse of the new challenges this game has established to see who has what it takes to be the best racer.

Lost Planet 2 also makes its worldwide debut at GamesCom on the PS3. The next installment offers gamers a new series of challenges which center on battles erupting on a global scale. In order to defeat the giant Akrid, players will be forced to rely on skill and team work in order to survive the range of harsh terrains. Co-op will allow up to four players to fight their way through the planet as a team. However, the coup de grace for lovers of survival horror will be Capcom’s partnership with Intel to produce Resident Evil 5 for the PC. Intel will be showing off the game in Hall 9.1, 61A.

Anyone lucky enough to be in attendance should definitely check out Capcom’s presentations. Their main booth is situated in Hall 6.1, corridor A, No. 31.

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