The wonderful website, FabSugar has gotten a sneak peek of EVERY SINGLE ITEM being launched on November 14th as part of Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo’s collaboration with H&M. The collection has a lot of edge — with studs, animal print, leather and suede. My favorite pieces?


Always a fan of flats, I’m loving the zebra print and studs.


And the edgier all season studded sandals to die for…

I think the zebra print flats are the only reasonable things I could wear to work, but everything else will be fun to peruse.

Will you be lining up at your favorite H&M to snag the first pieces of the collection?

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  1. Littlster

    LOVE IT! THOSE are the type of sandal I mentioned in my comment about ankle socks and colorful tights! I love when designers make collections for more affordable stores. Much like all the designers at target. I think it is more realistic especially in this economy. I am very excited for this!


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