lost-logoSAN DIEGO — Nostalgia hung in the air at the very start of the Lost panel this morning. Rumors flew around the hall chatted away about special guest appearances (Josh Holloway to Michael Emerson both showed up) at the last hurrah for this complicated television series, which has become a modern classic.

The major high points of the panel included:

  • Jorge Garcia was one of the first to line up to ask questions to the panel and what started as a humorous tug and war of words turned to excitement as Michael Emerson made a surprising entrance from among the crowd.
  • Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia joked about their roles on the show when Jorge informs the room Emerson originally auditioned for the role of Hurley instead of Benjamin Linus. Just at that moment, the producers announced the footage of Emerson’s “audition” spouting Hurley’s lines from the pilot season.
  • In Memorandum, it was a bittersweet ending as the hall lights dimmed and flashes of “deceased” characters faded in and out to the music of Boys II Men.
  • Charlie Returns! And wait, there’s Sawyer! Another set of special guests include Josh Holloway who got into the character of Sawyer without a hitch before the crowded hall. Finally, after the memorandum completed its course, the lights of the hall rose and to the surprise of the audience Dominic Monaghan came on stage. He was eagerly met with a standing ovation followed by the gathering of the panel.

The spoiler portion of the article follows.

  • The return of Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet, and Jeremy Davies as Dr. Faraday.
  • Will Faraday be happily married? This question asked by a fan was responded by a statement from the producers, “In theory if Jack’s plan succeeds then Faraday would have a happy family. But Faraday will be back for the final season.”
  • Richard Alpert’s storyline has been implied to be a part of the major storyline for the last season. Also there will be flashbacks which reveal his backstory.

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