SAN DIEGO — Being preemptive always bites the journalist in the butt, and of course immediately after our New Moon post went live, Chris Weitz showed the (almost) reunion scene between Bella and Edward and Italy.

And it was beautiful.

Proving that Taylor Lautner being shirtless is old news, the fan screams at Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen removing his shirt to incite a response from the Volturi nearly drowned out the sound of scene being shown. And it looks like Taylor wasn’t the only “New Moon” cast member hitting the gym: as the fan behind me repeatedly stated, “You can’t fake that definition.” RPattz has finally got his set of abs.

The scene showed Bella and Alice driving up in Alice’s famous yellow Porsche to stop Edward from revealing himself in the sunlight and causing the Volturi to kill him. Bella runs through a festival going on in Italy to try to stop Edward. Of course the scene ended before Edward saw Bella and they have their long awaited reunion, but the camera work and cinematography was breathtaking, showing a big step up from “Twilight.” Of course, being on location in Italy might have helped.

Chris Weitz needs to create more films not based on religion and relying on CGI. “New Moon” looks like it could actually be really, really good. Guess we’ll just have to wait until November 20 to know for sure.

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