It seems no celebrity is safe from an super-litigious America. But in this case, the star seems completely at fault.

Page 6 reported today that rapper Lil’ Wayne is being sued by Red City Entertainment for bailing on a concert in the Bahamas last September. The promoters for the show had to cancel the 2 a.m. show when Lil’ Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, didn’t show up. About 5,000 fans with $70 tickets were turned away, but Page 6 did not say whether or not they were refunded.

The papers, filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court said “When Carter did not arrive at the concert, the police went to his hotel room” and “found him passed out and unwilling to perform.”

Glenn Gitomer, a lawyer for Red City Entertainment, said, “He appeared to be intoxicated.”

The rapper’s reps could not be reached by Page 6 for comment and whether or not fans will get a “heart felt” apology remains to be seen.

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