If you think rock and roll and cuddly animals have nothing to do with each other, think again. In bizarre news, PETA has asked the band Phish to change its name to … wait for it … Sea Kittens.

Ashley Byrne, PETA’S Sea Kitten campaign coordinator, said in a press release, “If Phish became Sea Kittens and the band’s legions of fans started calling fish ‘sea kittens,’ fewer of these gentle animals would be violently killed for food, painfully hooked for ‘sport,’ or cruelly confined to aquariums.”

We wonder what frontman Trey Anastasio thinks, but we’re betting he’s not having “Sea Kittens” tattooed on his shoulder anytime soon.

In a letter to the band, PETA requested that the name be changed for their June 20 visit to East Troy, Wis.‚  in the hopes that it will stick.

PETA said that “sea kittens” not only feel pain, but are affectionate, intelligent animals who communicate with each other.

Their Sea Kitten campaign is aimed at changing the animals’ name for good.

Check out their website and let us know if you’ll be swearing off the eating of sea kittens for good, or if you’re just as ready as ever to tuck into that smoked salmon.

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  1. HP

    Does PETA realize that no one takes them seriously any more and it’s because of things like this?

  2. Colin

    PETA seems to be deliberately ridiculous. I wonder whether they are paid to discredit environmental-type movements by shouting inanities, or whether the PETA organisation is just better at attracting the crazies?

  3. allen

    Do PETA not realise hot utterly retarded they are?
    And what about Fresh Water fish?

    Man has been catching fish for over 100,000 years and we aren’t going to stop now. Also, I imagine PETA have not given much thought to the fact that if we stopped eating animals all together ALL domestic animals kept for food would become extinct.

    Just because PETA likes to fornicate with animals doesn’t mean the rest of us are retarded!

  4. Snarfle

    PETA has a good point. Animals are more people-worthy than people.

    So let’s all go eat PETA. I bet they taste good stir-fried… they’re so skinny, starving themselves with no protein, that I bet one of them would make a semi-decent meal.

    -Insert eye-roll here-


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