I have a couple of good recipes in the works that actually involve cooking, but the raw veggie fad is in full swing. I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this quick snack and a perfect french fry substitute

Dish #10 — Cold hot sweet peppers

About 5 minutes “" About $5 “" Serves 1-2 per pepper

Red bell peppers are sweet. Green ones are a bit dry. Yellow and orange ones are good, too, for mixing up flavors, but you really just need to start with one or two of any color bell pepper. Slice it up into chunks “" bite sized pieces.

Throw all your pieces into a plastic bowl and shake cajun spice mix and cayenne pepper over the top. Shake the bowl to mix everything together.

The result is a 100 percent fat free snack with a heck of a kick. The cajun spice adds a great flavor, but it’s not overwhelming. If you really want to get out of hand you can use a lot more cayenne pepper or even some hot sauce.

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