Tons of people have written in and commented on our YouTube account wondering what the names of the songs were in The Diving Bell and Butterfly trailer.

Here they are:

“Chains of Love” — The Dirtbombs
“Don’t Kiss Me” — Ultra Orange et Emmanuelle Seigner
“Your Hand in Mine” — Explosions in the Sky

And of course we thank Mammoth Advertising for this info!

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  1. Lynda Joy

    Thank you so much!
    I greatly appreciate it. I just saw the film last night in theaters and I was trying to find out the artists and names of songs played in the movie. I got ‘Chains of Love’, but I could not read the artist. Somehow I missed the Explosions in the Sky track and Ultra Orange tracks…which I believe both played in the movie. I know that ‘Pale Eyes’ by Lou Reed is in the film, as well as ‘Green Grass’ by Tom Waits.
    I also heard another familiar favorite tune. There is a French song that I first heard on the Dreamers soundtrack…I believe it’s by Jean Constatin…anyhow, it must be a fairly famous French tune.

  2. Monki

    The famous french tune in the opening credits is probably “La Mer”

  3. Carol Lefemine

    I would like to know the names of all of the performers and the songs they sang for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and if a CD will be made, thank you, Carol

  4. Paulina

    All songs from the movie:
    “Theme for ‘The Diving Bell & the Butterfly'” by Paul Cantelon
    “La Mer” – Performed by Charles Trenet (opening credits)
    “Je Chante Sous La Pluie” (French adaptation of “Singin’ in the Rain”)
    “Chains of Love” – Performed by the Dirtbombs
    “Concerto for Piano in F Minor, BMV 1056 – Largo” (J.S. Bach)
    “Napoli Milionaria” (Nina Rota)
    “All the World is Green” – Performed by Tom Waits
    “Pauvre Petite Fille Riche” (Vline Buggy/Hubert Giraud)
    “Lolita Love Theme” (Robert J. Harris)
    “Ultra Violet (Light My Way)” – Performed by U2 (Lourdes flashback/Day scenes)
    “Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye” – Performed by Ultra Orange with Emmanuelle (Lourdes flashback/Night scenes)
    “Pale Blue Eyes” – Performed by the Velvet Underground
    “Happy Birthday to You” (Patty & Mildred Hill)
    “Quatre Cents Coup” – title track from the Francois Truffaut film
    “Ramshackle Day Parade” – Performed by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros (End credits song #1)
    “Green Grass” – Performed by Tom Waits (End credits song #2)


  5. sarah

    yes! thank you for these!
    i can’t believe they didn’t put your hand in mine on the soundtrack. bummer.

  6. Linda Zolet

    Where can I get a CDof the full soundtrack for this movie The Diving Bell & the Butterfly? Thank you

  7. Emma

    Thank you SO much.
    I’ve been looking for these songs ever since I saw the movie!


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