Talk about shoe obsessions. A new monthly online society called has launched on the net and fashonista Kim Kardashian is giving it a seal of approval. Better yet, she’s choosing what shoes to send to the members who pay to receive new, of the moment, shoes delivered to their door. Many of us will benefit from not going to the stores and fighting for those heel deals, I’m just not sure our closets will be too happy.

Kardashian teamed up with LegalZoom founders, Robert Shapiro and Brian Lee, to deliver clientele trendy, affordable shoes every month. taps into the expertise of Hollywood stylists who recommend shoes for customers based on people’s fashion personality as determined by the site’s “style sensibility questionnaire.” The site offers a highly personalized shopping experience at the affordable price of $39 per pair, including shipping.

To learn more about the site, and of course about the shoes, Ms. Kardashian herself, Co-Founder and Chief Fashion Stylist, spoke to Blast about the endeavor.

Blast: In knowing that you have very good fashion instincts but also high fashion taste, what led you to create a site that offered fashionable but most importantly, affordable foot wear?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I love high fashion but am equally a fan of stores like H&M and Forever 21; so looking good doesn’t always mean you have to spend a million bucks. I started ShoeDazzle because I know that all women love shoes, and with the economy the way it is right now, some people feel like they have to forgo fashion trends because they don’t have the means to buy the styles they want.

BLAST: You wear great outfits and have experience with clothes, why focus on shoes; and, is there a plan to expand on this idea to introduce new items?

KK: gives women a way to wear their favorite trends, and have a Hollywood stylist choose shoes for them for $39. It can’t get much better than that. I already have the clothing store I share with my sisters, DASH, and my closet re-organizing business. It just seemed like a natural fit to add shoes into the mix-especially because I love them so much.

BLAST: Where did the concept to create a “quiz” where women can tell their preferences and then be updated on what is in stock for them via e-mails come from?

KK: We knew that in order to provide custom shoe choices for each member we were going to have to find out more about the member and her individual style. What better way to do it than with a quiz? To me, the style sensibility quiz on the site is sort of a mix between a questionnaire on a dating site and one of those entertaining quizzes in women’s magazines. The mix of the two allows us to find out about each customer while also keeping it brief and fun to take.

BLAST: What do you hope customers will enjoy the most from your new business?

KK: For me, the best part of is the personal shopping experience and the chance to be paired with a Hollywood stylist that picks shoes for you. That is a service that can cost hundreds of dollars and something that most women just don’t have access to.

BLAST: How has the relationship with your partners made the product better?

KK: I’ve known Bob Shapiro for a long time. He’s a close family friend and a really smart guy, which makes him wonderful to work with. And the fact that he and Brian Lee, our other partner, had such success with the Legal Zoom concept made me feel confident that they knew how to bring the right technical experience to make ShoeDazzle work the best it could.

BLAST: Why would you recommend your site and what would be the one piece of advice you give to costumers who are putting together an outfit?

KK: I’d recommend ShoeDazzle because everyone woman deserves some personalized attention when it comes to shopping, and hey, you can never have to many shoes. And this way, you have a new pair of trendy shoes every month of the year and you are always looking updated and stylish when you go out! My advice to customers looking to put together a great outfit? Shoes make the outfit! They are the best accessory.

“I realize that not every woman has the opportunity to shop on Rodeo Drive or Madison Avenue, but I still think that every woman deserves A-list treatment,” she added. “That is why I partnered with some of the smartest men I know to develop a shopping forum that is not only convenient to use but that also offers styles I would wear myself.”

After launching March 19, ShoeDazzle opened its services exclusively to 5,000 charter members. Those wanting to join the “society” after the initial 5,000 members will be added to a waiting list and will be notified as soon as additional memberships become available.

Shapiro and Lee founded together in 2001. It’s an affordable at-home online legal document preparation service site. They’ve taken their extensive web experience and fused it with Kardashian’s spot-on fashion sense to create a simplified and personalized shopping experience for every ShoeDazzle member.

“ShoeDazzle is the right business at the right time. Women love shoes and want to look great but they demand value,” said Lee. “At ShoeDazzle, we cater to our members’ needs and desires by leveraging our talented team of fashion experts, led by Kim, to choose gorgeous shoes and to offer them at an incredible price.”

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Bessie King is a Blast contributing editor. She can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Terri

    Go Kim! has gorgeous shoes. I have two pairs from ShoeDazzle and wear them as much as I can. Great site!


  2. Tony

    I bought my girlfriend a few months’ membership on and it’s the best money I ever spent! I’ve never seen a woman as happy as she is when her shoes arrive at her door.


  3. Bessie King

    I think guys are more excited about this than girls for some odd reason! Maybe its just the fact that she’s GORGEOUS! Lol, I’m still mainly excited about the shoes, though.

  4. angela

    It’s like Christmas every month! I just had a new baby and my husband works long days and by the time he gets off the mall is about to close. Just the thought of taking him out with my is too much. The bottles, pampers, stroller…. Forget it! I can relax at home still get amazing fashion without the hassle. I love it! It’s great! I always have somthing to look toward to each month and I feel beautiful when I wear them which means alot to a new mommy. I tell everyone I know about the site! What can be better then affordable shoes?

  5. Ivette

    I LOVE shoes! Naturally when I heard about Shoedazzle, I was very excited and promptly joined! My membership was valid for four months. Within the four months, I accrues ten pairs of shoes! Their shoes are stylish and different. I received compliments whenever I wore a pair of the shoes I ordered from them! What is the problem? Right? Well, the problem is that the shoes are VERY cheaply made! Within the four month membership, six out of the ten pairs of shoes I bought BROKE! Yes, broke! All but one broke straight across the sole, they didn’t just crack, they BROKE to the point where the shoe could be bent in half! I called them and asked to return them because they were defective. I was told that I could return only one pair even though it had been more then 30 days since I ordered them. The rest of the shoes well, too bad for me! I returned the shoe and cancelled my membership. When they got the order, they told me they could not return or exchange them because they had been “excessively worn” therefore, their was nothing they could do. I have 2 issues with what they said. The first is that I wore the shoes TWICE and ONLY twice. The third time I went to wear them, I couldn’t because they were broken. The second issue I have with what they said is that I have shoes that have been worn “excessively” because I have had them for years and not ONCE have I had to get them repaired. Have I had to replace the tap on the heel, of course but I have NEVER had a shoe break until I started ordering from Shoedazzle. Unfortunately, that was the norm for any of the shoes I ordered.

  6. Linda Powell

    Do Not send money to this website. It is a glitzy scam to convince people to send money (NONREFUNDABLE MONEY) for a process in which they send pics of a limited range of shoes with limited appeal to cheap glitzy, merchandise that you may or may not like. If you do not like it, they keep your money and keep trying to send you a few pics a month and insist that they do not refund your money.

    Do you really think you are going to get anything you want for 39.95 a month. Does this sound to good to be true. IT IS.

    USE THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Your would be better served to look and shop on your own. Order the shoes and have the option to return them for a refund it they do not have what you want.

    You will not have that option with this site.

  7. Lilian

    I love this site and the shoes I have received. I feel terrible for those who have had bad experiences but you will probably find problems with everything from time to time.


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