Nintendo has been releasing GameCube classics on Wii using their New Play Control! line of games. The results, so far, have been positive, and the desire to see more of these games in the future is certainly there. The one thing that was bothering many gamers and game media though, was the complete lack of mentions for the beloved Metroid Prime series, at least in North America. This is because of Metroid Prime 3’s control scheme, and the obvious improvements and enhancements that would fit the first two Prime games perfectly. Japan has already seen New Play Control! entries from Metroid, but there was no release date or information regarding North American releases.

Until now, anyways. Nintendo today announced the Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation, which includes New Play Control! versions of both Metroid Prime and its sequel, Echoes, as well as the Wii-only Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Time for a bit of a math lesson: Metroid Prime 3’s MSRP is still $49.99, and the New Play Control! games retail for $29.99 each. That means that you have roughly $110 worth of game in this compilation, and Nintendo is asking you to pay…

…wait for it…

…$49.99. For all three games. If you don’t own Corruption, this is the perfect opportunity to get it, and if you do, you’re still saving $10 over buying Metroid Prime and Echoes individually.

Here’s the info on the Wii versions of the original Prime and Echoes. In addition to including 480p and 16:9 widescreen, the first two games will now include the controls from Metroid Prime 3-though not everyone has jumped on board the Wii as a first-person shooter console, Metroid Prime 3 showed everyone just what you can do, and helped pave the way for games like The Conduit. The games will control significantly better-we already know that, considering how well Corruption’s controls work.

Think about that for a moment: the original Metroid Prime is the fifth-highest ranked game ever on GameRankings, and now it’s going to have improved controls and presentation. Yes, it won’t hold up perfectly with the best looking games of this generation, but it was a stunner on GameCube, and still looks good today.

As for Echoes, I’m excited to see how the multiplayer is now, using the Wii Remote controls and the 16:9 widescreen. It was tough to control due to the nature or the original on GameCube, but this is an area that might be better for being on Wii as well.

In addition, the medal system used in Corruption is now in use in the previous two games, giving you an achievement-like system for those on their second time through the Prime universe. Check out the press release on the next page, and come back here for more information as the game nears release.

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