Today marks the one year anniversary of Nintendo’s download service WiiWare and what a year it has been.‚  Nintendo won’t let us forget.

The Japanese video game maker released a statistic filled press release today detailing the successes made in the past year and the very bright future that lies ahead for the service.

Nintendo spoke of how WiiWare has broken down the normative barriers of game development that require huge teams and fat wallets.‚  According to Nintendo over 40 development studios, half independent, created the 81 titles available on WiiWare, some with 5 or fewer employees.

Nintendo highlighted games like World of Goo, LIT, Lost Winds, and Dr. Mario Online Rx just to name a few describing the range available to gamers.‚  I cannot disagree on this point.‚  While Nintendo may not have something for gamers with specific genre interests every week, they do a damn good job at meeting their needs eventually.

Looking to the future of WiiWare we see many shining titles looming on the horizon including BIT.TRIP CORE, the sequel to the popular original, as well as Cave Story, and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Regrettably I have not picked up many of these titles in the past year, but I’ll make a New Year’s resolution in May to play at least three of these titles over the summer.

What about you?‚  What WiIWare titles have you bought, played, and enjoyed (or not)?

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