On Monday night CBS premiered it’s newest season of “How I Met Your Mother”, which included a bonus 2nd episode following the first one. Things picked up right where they had left off at the end of last season: Barney is reconnecting with Nora, Lilly and Marshall are dealing with one of the first steps of having a baby (figuring out when / how to tell everyone the good news), Ted is readying himself to restart his search for “The One,” and Robin is coming to the realization that she may still have feelings for Barney.

This first episode proves that the writers and cast of “How I Met Your Mother” still have plenty of funny left in them, despite entering the seventh season of the show. Throughout the course of these two new episodes there was a good mix of classic and new material to keep both diehard fans and new viewers laughing.

However, the most promising aspect of the “How I Met Your Mother” premiere wasn’t the comedy, but rather the directions that our beloved character’s stories are headed.

Barney tries to land a 2nd date with Nora

Just as the monotony of Barney’s playboy characteristic had reached a breaking point, the writers have breathed new life into his character by flashing forward to his own wedding as well as bringing Nora back into the picture. It was a relief to see that finally Barney might start to settle down and put his past six seasons of womanizing behind him. That’s not to say that there’s a need to entirely drop that aspect of Barney – there is still room for boob jokes and sexual innuendos, and the writers seem to realize that. Still, it will be a welcome change of pace to see how Barney’s relationship with Nora (and Robin) will develop as the season continues.

Lilly and Marshall’s baby story line is progressing nicely too. The last season (or two) has been spent watching them go through the pre-pregnancy jitters, every minute of which was funny and enjoyable to watch. But now that it’s certain that they are pregnant, it will be exciting to watch the couple throughout the season as Lilly (and Marshall) deal with pregnant life. Plus, is there any doubt about Marshall being the most hilarious, awesome dad ever?

After focusing on Robin and Ted’s careers last season, it appears that this one will go back to following their quests for love. Though Ted’s endless quest for his soulmate is beginning to drag a bit, it is obviously essential for the continuation of the show (or is it, really?). Still, it will be interesting to see how Robin’s lingering feelings for Barney play into the Barney / Nora / Robin love triangle.

All-in-all, it looks like we’re in for another funny, interesting, heart-warming, and dare-I-say moving seventh season of “How I Met Your Mother.” Who knows how much longer they’ll be able to maintain the “Met Your Mother” gag, but for now they’ve still got us hooked.

Oh yeah, and one more thing – let the awesome guest appearances begin:

Martin Short as Marshall's new boss, Garrison Cootes

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