For two days at the end of the summer in August, the usually sunny Anaheim California will morph into a Blizzard of epic proportions.‚  No, not an actual blizzard, rather all things Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo will descend upon the city for the fourth annual Blizzcon festival held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Tickets for the show go on sale May 16 priced at $125 USD.‚  No word on whether or not WoW gold is an accepted method of payment.

Blizzard kindly reminds the faithful ticket-seekers to register with before May 16 in order to simplify the ticket purchasing process.

Can’t make it to the show? Not a problem.‚  The event, for the first time ever will be available online as streaming content at the price point of $39.95.‚  What’s more, DIRECTV owners can purchase the pay-per-view event at the same price point and have both the television and internet stream available at no additional charge.‚  And anyone forking over precious moolah to the video game giant will receive an undisclosed WoW in-game item.‚  Better not be the Swine Flu sickness.

Where would we be without Blizzard?‚  Don’t answer that-it’s a scary and impossible thought to even conjure.

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    I think it’s great that Blizzard is finally making the Blizzcon available outside North America. If there’s one thing that I hate during summer is that my family always goes away on vacation on the exact same date as Blizzcon (somehow I think my parents don’t like me spending any more time on WoW.) The only problem with this though is the $40 price tag. I’m sure it wouldn’t sit well with my mom once she notices the additional pay-per-view charge teehee she might even think its for pron! x)


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