, citing an Associated Press story, is reporting that a Bridgeport, Pa. party turned deadly after one man shot and killed another man over an argument about a game of beer pong.

Authorities say Joseph Jimenez, 24, killed Scott Riley, 25, after they argued over the beer pong game Friday at a party in a suburb 15 miles outside Philadelphia.

The men took the argument outside, where authorities say Riley mocked Jimenez and taunted him into shooting him. Jimenez allegedly responded by pulling a .40-caliber and shooting Riley in the neck.

Let’s take a minute to discuss the ground rules of beer pong folks:

Number 1: A bounce counts as two cups. If you are an idiot and knock over your own cups defending the bounce, those cups are lost.

Second: Bitches blow. Nuff said.

3: No overthrow rule. That’s dumb.

Four: Re-rack at six, four, three, and two.

Fifth: If you and your partner sink the same cup at the same time, game over.

Now play nice, kids.

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  1. Andrew de Geofroy

    Rule Six: If the game goes into triple sudden death and you are SO FUCKING SURE THAT GUY’S ELBOW WAS OVER THE TABLE, you can shoot him in the neck.

  2. mascarah

    good. less brain dead people in the world. natural selection at its finest.

  3. kim

    You people are sick! How pathetic that you take a tragedy and turn in into an article on the rules of beer pong. Was it stupid? Of course! but a man died and another is looking at jail time. It is tragic for both families and their friends and it is sad to think that a mockery is being made over the senseless death of a young father. What is even worse is that this article was actually published and the author was probably paid! May God have mercy on all of you!!


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