Oh no, Jamie why are you crying? Certainly you must be happy to learn Guitar Hero: Van Halen is real and due out this July!!??

If the video game mega-retailer’s website is to be believed, Van Halen is indeed receiving the Guitar Hero treatment with an anticipated midsummer release date.

Official word from would be publisher Activision is absent so right now this revelation is a glorified rumor, but one that is certainly not outside the realm of definite possibility.

Listings on the GameStop website reveal PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii iterations due out July 28th and following the normative pricing curve in regards to your system of choice.

If GH: Van Halen makes it to shelves, “Eruption” better damn well make the list.

Let us know in the comments what tracks from Van Halen’s storied discography should make the cut!

GameStop official listing.

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  1. jake

    the whole first album, half of fair warning, half of van halen 2, all of women and children first,panama,girl gone bad,little guitars, NOT JUMP,and drop dead legs.


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