Gamers everywhere can now take to the Red planet with guns drawn and hopes high because the Red Faction: Guerrilla demo hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network today.

Sadly the demo is not multiplayer enabled, which we assure you is an excellent part of the title, nevertheless the single player campaign mission in the trial will indeed whet your appetite for all things destruction.

In case you’re a virgin to the planet Mars and its precarious environments, in Guerrilla you play as Alec Mason, a man who arrived on the distant planet hungry for a new life.‚  Oh, how clichƒ©, but obviously you don’t get nearly what you asked for.‚  The Earth Defense Force, or EDF, is the controlling body on the planet, and were once protectors of the newly migrated Martian colonists.‚  However, the EDF power-tripped hand of control becomes relentlessly tiring to civilians and an underground movement, the Red Faction, with Mason in the ranks, take up arms to bring down, in a destructive manner, the oppressive EDF Forces all set about the planet.

Marc got his hands on the build at New York Comic Con in February, and you’d do well to consider his opinions, as his gaming IQ is through the roof.

The demo is available exclusively on Xbox Live to Gold members only and to all on PS3‚  and takes up 770.50 MB of precious HDD space.‚  At work or school reading this?‚  Head on over to the Xbox Live Web Marketplace and begin your download right now and play when you get home!

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