Keeping with their weekly tradition, Nintendo today announced a total of 4 downloadable titles not only limited to the shiny white console, but also on the brand spankin’ new DSi.

Multiplayer games are nice, you know, with up to four player functionality.‚  Activision aims to ameliorate that mark however, offering up Mixed Messages (500 DSi Points), a hilarious party game allowing for up to 21 players to take part in some frantic and whimsical situations.‚  The basic idea is something like Telephone, only that you either sketch a picture to try to describe a sentence, or write the sentence itself and then pass it on challenging your friend to copy the sentence.‚  ‚ Either way, someone is bound to flub up.‚  What begins as “will he ask me to the dance,” could end up “Billy ate the corner of France.”‚  Mixed Messages marks the advent of third party games on the DSi, and hopefully succeeds.

Master of Illusion Express: Shuffle Games (200 DSi Points) is quite the opposite.‚  This magic game is the brainchild of the full DS version and includes a number of mind blowing tricks to impress your fellow gaming friends and acquaintances in general.

On the WiiWare side of things Party Fun Pirate (500 Wii Points) is a spinoff of the popular toy where you’re challenged to thrust the most knives into a barrel housing your captain without killing the guy.‚  Ooh, but it gets better.‚  Only known as “unique Wii features,” these aspects will undoubtedly add to the hilarity of this fun social game.‚  In addition, the Captain can be replaced by your Mii for that sense of immersion and also hilarity when your little brother sends a knife through your chest.

Finally, on the Virtual Console, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (800 Wii Points) is the same side scrolling action game you remember from those long lost Sega Genesis days.‚  13 levels full of Mayan treachery, boomerangs and bungee jumping await Pitfall Harry Jr. in search of his pops in this classic now available in your living room again.

Anyone picking anything up this week?

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