Free trials seem to be the standard these days.‚  Warhammer Online recently opened its gracious doors, World Of Warcraft has had a 10 day freebie for quite some time, and starting today PC first person shooter lovers can pulverize their enemies in Crysis Wars free of charge.

Electronic Arts and Crytek revealed today that all three heinously gruesome game modes on all 23 maps are available to anyone with A.) A thirst for blood and B.) A pretty decent gaming rig.

“When Crysis Wars was released seven months ago, one of our biggest goals was to be able to deliver continued support to our growing multiplayer community,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek. “We think we have delivered on that promise, not only by releasing new content, fixes and our powerful MOD SDK, but also by continuing to offer these types of free trials.”

Crysis Wars allows for up to 32 player online multiplayer in the aforesaid trifecta of game forms: InstantAction, PowerStruggle and TeamInstantAction.

Head on over for a quick evaluation of your on board system components to the System Requirements Lab and verify that your rig can handle Crysis Wars before you start your download.

The free trial runs from today (April 9th) to next Friday, April 17th.

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